About Live Courses

At times, all it takes is only 3 hours to change your understanding about how you will live your life happily and how you will achieve your goals. In 3 hours you can decode the components of life that can make you happy, successful, and satisfied.

Welcome to our Live Course Program, where you will learn about the fundamentals of success along with the practical tips 1:1 with Samir. If you follow the teachings, be rest assured, nobody can stop you from becoming successful and happy.

The 3 hours course contains 10 chapters ranging from Dreams, Purpose, Actions, Power of Habits, Routine, Mindset and more. Moreover, you get an unlimited FAQ’s option. In other words, once the course is finished, you are free to ask as many questions as you want that can help you to understand the course better and can help you to apply the learning’s in your personal and professional life in a customized way.

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Learning the secret that you will need to become a person for whom success is easy.

Guiding Questions

Each chapter comes with a guiding questions list that you can use as a starting point to design your own plans, understanding and action steps customized and suitable for your goals.

Mind Exercise

You get introduced to life meditation experience before the start of the course.


Ask as many questions as you want till you understand each concept from 10 chapters clearly.


Use this as your guide to achieve success, happiness and satisfaction in life.

Learning is a never ending process. Stick to it and see its magic.


Learn. Apply. Relearn. Repeat. Grow

Learn with us the best strategy that can be applied in every area of your life. Decode the simple secret that has the potential to change your life. Call to know more and for a free consultation. Feel free to ask about chapters, their benefits and gain some priceless knowledge during free consultation.