Transform your Business / Life With Samir Trivedi as your:



Coaching is about offering clarity for your Business and/or Life goals and reaching their, one step at a time

Growth Strategist

Strategist offers multiple realistic strategies that makes the goal possible. It is a work of an expert for the experts

Live Education

Learn the art of setting the right vision and reach their happily with our 1-on-1 LIVE courses and unlimited Q & A

Mindset Coaching

Change your thoughts and beliefs, build new confidence and create a new identity for your dreams and goals

VIP Services

An 8 hour of continuous session decoding goal setting, action plan and learning for all 7 areas of your life


Learn meditation and mindfulness to breed clarity and happiness in your personal and work life

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About Samir

Samir Trivedi is a Coach, Strategist and an Educator with several years of experience to his credit. His desire to bring positive change in the world of Business, Life and Mindset has got him the competitive skills to materialize his desires. Eventually this led to end numbers of Business and Personal clients partnering with Samir for their growth.

Today, he has a strong client base worldwide. His work profile has given him exposure to various skills like Entrepreneurship, Filmmaking, Business, Digital Marketing, Imagination, Success Psychology, Networking, Consulting, Marketing, Motivation, Coaching, Psychology, Neuro-Conditioning, NLP, Hypnosis, Behavioral Science, Pattern Thinking and More. These skills play an important role in his client’s success. With a big vision in his mind and heart, Samir is dedicate to make this world a better place. 

And when not working he prefers to understand the concept of mindset and beyond to explore the new possibilities for positive growth in the world.

Growth in Business and Life is a natural process. If it is not happening then something has to be worked on.


Decode the gap between you and your goals

 It’s not about where you are or where you want to go, it’s about what the gap is and how you will fill it? Get a free consultation on your Business / Life. Gauge the journey ahead so know where your life is leading you in the next few years. Remember, if you know the gap, then only you can fill the gap. Click below for free consultation.